I’m thinking about changing the name of my site. To something like, say, “Do You People Really Expect Me to Post Again”, or something like that.

Because, you know, dayum.

So anyway, because Pi Day is long past, I suppose I should write something. Anything. Because I can see by my sitemeter that the level of interest in this place has plummeted, and the visits apparently consist of you guys clicking on my page, saying “Oh dear lord she still has that pie up there” and then leaving. Quickly. Don’t say you’re not. I hear the door slamming, people.

So I’m really really really annoyed today.

Because the weekend flew by with a whoosh, and I’m back at work wondering if they’ll mind if I take a little nap.

But anyway, when I’m this out of sorts, my annoyance level goes to orange, and it’s … just … a … matter … of … time …

Know what really bugs me? People who talk while they are yawning. Yes, they are both natural occurrences. But when they occur together? I just cringe.

Another thing. Nail clippage. I cannot stand that sound. And for some reason, I think it’s disgusting when people do that in public. It’s like flossing. Privately? Fine. Publicly? Gah. There was a woman at my old job that would remove her dentures at her desk after lunch and floss them. Yeah. At her desk.

People that eat an apple while talking to you. Apples are noisy. You have to open your mouth really big, and there are always little specks of apple to contend with.

People that … hell.


Did I mention I’m annoyed?