I was actually going to leave the book post up for another day, because I am totally enjoying your comments (and have now decided that “The Life of Pi” is next on my list), but brianf tagged me this morning. And since it’s day-specific, I’ll go ahead and post it today.

A word that describes me is:

My favorite word is:
Sanction. Because it is a perfect example of how complicated the English language can really be. And during college, when I was trying to conjugate verbs in Spanish, it was nice to know that, very possibly, someone on the other side was saying “what the hell????”

My least favorite word is:
All. Because of its overuse/misuse by tweens and teens. As in, “So he was all ‘you wanna go to out?’ and I was all ‘well, duh, not in this lifetime, loser…'”

(Close cousin to ‘like’, which Brianf covers in his W.W. post.)

Use these two words in a sentence:
Ha! This should be fun. “In other news, the United Nations was all ‘oh, so they don’t want to cooperate with us? I move that we impose sanctions on them. Do I hear a second? Don’t make me snap my fingers in a Z-formation…'”

A word I have to think twice about pronouncing is:
Route. I actually don’t think twice, I just pronounce it differently depending on how I’m using it. As in “Route 66” (root) and “take an alternate route” (rout).

Dictionaries. Printed or online?
Both. There’s nothing like cracking open the old, worn dictionary, but I confess to using online dictionaries when I’m in a hurry.

A word whose meaning I cannot seem to retain no matter how many times I look it up is …
Proscribe. It’s kinda like ‘tonsorial.’ They should mean something else.

Open a dictionary to a random page and find a word you don’t know. Post the word and its meaning.
Greave: armor for the leg below the knee

Use the word above and the word you can never remember in a sentence.
The use of a greave is hereby proscribed. (So please commence to knocking the hell out of your shins?)

One of the most overused words in my area of work/study is

Now, moving forward, let’s see who I can tag with this. How about EVERYONE?