So it’s looking to be a good week so far. Temps should stay in the 70’s all week, the tulips are coming up, and spring is in the air.

And I have a birthday coming.

Birthdays have never bothered me. I didn’t sulk at 30, I didn’t cry at 40. I guess it’s my nature — my glass is always half full — to realize that the alternative isn’t all that appealing. And as long as I feel good, I’m good. So there. This birthday is not going to bother me in the least.

I happened upon an article this morning about my astrological sign. I don’t check my horoscope daily or anything like that. But as a pre-teen, I read “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs,” and was pretty impressed with its accuracy, and I truly believe I am the quintessential Pisces. And today’s article dealt with how accurate our signs can be. I realize that pretty much anything we do can be the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy. We can read so much about what we are supposed to be that we actually start believing it’s who we are. But I’ve been a true Pisces since before I could read. The dreamer, the romantic. The vivid imagination. All me.

And the inability to make the simplest decision? That’s most definitely me. And with Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Dr. Seuss, and Albert Einstein among my Piscean contemporaries, I’m in darn good company.

So how about you? Are you who your sign says you are? How much stock do you hold in astrology?

Let me know. And have a great week!