Dear Friends,

I have not left you. I’ve been here all along. I’m reading your posts (don’t believe me, check your sitemeter!). I’m there, I really am.

I’m just a victim of the Blogger gods. They. Just.Don’t.Like.Me.

See, I finally switched over to new Blogger. Which, I have discovered, is just as sucky as old Blogger. Except the pictures take longer to load. But I’m cheap, and refuse to switch to someone I actually have to pay. Until I actually start making money from this little venture. Which isn’t going to happen. So there.

This has caused me so much trouble in the commenting department that I have just about given up commenting. If I try to leave a comment under my old blogger i.d., it reminds me to sign in under my new one. So I do. Except that it erases the comment I just wrote. And that comment was darn witty. By the time they have made me exit and re-enter, the moment has passed and I have to come up with the comment all over again. And the wittiness — the downright brilliance — of said comment are lost in the shuffle. Believe me. It was funny the first time.

Other times, Blogger invites me to comment, then do the word-verification thingie. Except they don’t provide me a word verification. It simply says, “word verification image.” So I’m just supposed to guess?

Even more often, I try to leave a comment, sign in with the appropriate i.d., and wait. Only to be told that I’ll have to come back later. Geez. I didn’t have time to do this the first time. Now you want me to come BACK and do this again?

Then there’s Haloscan. Those guys won’t let some of you comment at MY place. Please don’t go away mad, ‘kay? I lack the technical savvy to fix that problem. Heck, I lack the technical savvy to even formulate a question in the forums over there. Those 14-year-olds can be so cruel.

So that’s my story. I’ve been visiting. I really have. I’m just a lurker these days, without wanting to be.

Now go see Adam. It’s still his birthday. And YOURS is coming up.

Edit: Or, Blogger FINALLY accepts my comment. Twice. Sorry, Erica. 🙂

Finally, go PLAY! Click the pic to go straight to my trivia challenge. It’s ’80’s weekend — give it a shot!!!