Busy week here in birthday land, eh? Three in one week! Works out great for me, though, because I’ve got major sh*t going on right now and couldn’t formulate a post of my own if I had to.

Adam’s is technically tomorrow, but given that many of you revert to your real lives (what’s that like, anyway?) on the weekends, I figured he stands a much better chance of getting some comment love today. And believe me, he needs the love. He’s presently buried under 21 hours of coursework at Baylor, working toward graduation and an M.B.A. Poor baby. He’s probably pale and scary looking as Gollum from the lack of fresh air and sunshine. So run right over and give him a birthday greeting. No one needs it more than he does!!!

Oh, and if any of you have connections with the guys that dispose the good karma (the really good karma, that is), send ’em my way. ‘Cause, uh, yeah.