…do people sometimes get on your nerves for NO APPARENT REASON???

(Warning: If absolute stream-of-consciousness rat-a-tat-tat posts tend to make you throw up a little in your mouth, stop reading now.)

You know what I’m talking about? I mean, sure, there are tons of folks that get on my nerves for an act or a failure to act, a sin of commission, a sin of omission, wearing really ugly shoes, etc. There are the ones that walk past my door 247 times a day to go the bathroom which is my department’s private bathroom and should be respected as such but it isn’t and dammit do you have to slam the toilet seat down that damned hard every time and would you PLEASE stop going in there with your newspaper so we don’t have to know EXACTLY what is going on in there? Phew.

And that’s not even what gets on my nerves.

I’m talking here about people that just aggravate me for no reason. There’s this one employee. Not in my section. She’s fifty-ish, friendly, unassuming. And she grates on my nerves. For no reason. I’ve had no dealings with her. I rarely come in contact with her. But when I see her, the minute she opens her mouth, I’m annoyed.

What’s really scary is that that truly is all there is to it.

Another thing. Do songs ever get stuck in your head? Why is it that only really annoying songs stick there? Where do they come from? Why are they driving me slowly out of my mind? Why is The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna” repeating itself in my brain ad nauseum?

It’s in yours now, isn’t it?