…Continuing with my “theme” theme, which, I’m thinking, wasn’t a theme at all until today, when this post joined another . . . But now that this is another in a series of theme posts, I tell you that if the other day was a day of knotted things, today has most definitely been a day of waiting. As well as a day of completely inane and ridiculous opening sentences. But hey — you get what you pay for when you come here, don’t you?

Today has been one of those days. I, of course, started my day by waiting for both Mr. Cool and Miss Priss to decide to get up. Yesterday wasn’t so bad, because it was their first day back and I guess the novelty presented itself in a manner that made getting out of bed on time a, well, a novelty. But today, all bets were off, as both of them realized, “Hey, school didn’t change a bit over the three-week break and, frankly, I’m having none of it.” Following that adventure, we waited in traffic, of course, which is the norm. Because we are, of course, waiting for the federal government to realize that we got an influx of half a million people after that hurricane and our roads are not capable of handling that influx, as our roads weren’t capable of handling the pre-influx traffic, and God this is turning into a stream of consciousness nightmare…

So then, after dropping the kiddies off at their respective institutions of higher learning, I decided to catch the post office as soon as it opened so I wouldn’t, you know, have to wait later. I was first in line, um, waiting, until they opened. Then the guy opened the door to let us in. Where we waited. Eleven minutes. Then a clerk came to one of the registers. Not to wait on us. To sign on. Fifteen minutes later, she’s still booting up the system and we are all staring at the sign that says to let them know if we’ve been waiting longer than five minutes. I realize that complaining about the ineptitude of postal workers is much like complaining about the DMV or rush hour traffic, but this was incredible. After twenty minutes of waiting, the worker who booted up the system called another employee to the front, announced that she was taking her break, and told her to start with the people that were in line. Yeah. Waiting. So I finally got help, only to find out that I could have done everything I needed to do at the automated postal center but which I chose not to, because, well, someone was already there and I didn’t want to um, wait.

Once I got to work, it really picked up. Not the pace. The waiting. Computer was dead, again. After waiting (sense the theme yet? No? Hang in there, it’ll come to you…) the IT guy came over, he finally took a look, told me my hard drive had crashed, and that he’d have to replace it. If I could just wait a few minutes. And that, of course, took a couple of hours. Which I spent discussing various world events and developments, including but not limited to the dominance of my football conference which happened to show itself very well last night in the national championship game (and if you were waiting for me to post without a football reference, you’re gonna have to wait some more).

So…wait, wait, wait some more. Wait to check e-mail, voice mail (it’s tied in), blog comments, and, oh, of course, work. I tried once again to sign into the New Blogger, only to be told it still cannot accommodate my blog, and just keep waiting… Then I try to access my own stinkin’ site only to be told I don’t have permission. So wait some more. Ever notice how when you repeat a word so many times it starts to sound weird? Wait, wait, wait. Yeah, that’s happening.

Finally, it’s noon, and my computer is up, and I have a morning’s worth of work to catch up on. But I think I’ll wait till after lunch. Time to post.

But wait.

Look what I got when I tried to post :

Blogger is undergoing maintenance

The old version of Blogger is currently down for maintenance. We are also unable to create new accounts or blogs on Blogger at this time. Please try again later.