HELP! I need someone with some basic html knowhow that can tell me how to fix my site on IE. I use Mozilla, and it loads fine. But something is off when it’s viewed in IE and I don’t know how to fix it. Any ideas? And talk to me like I’m a six-year-old, ‘kay?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

So some guy, somewhere, already has a lock on Ain’t It C*ol News. I dunno — maybe you’ve heard of it — his readership is somewhere close to 3 million more than mine, and he gets paid, and all that, but, again, I digress. Anyway, so as to not get a whole bunch of angry readers landing here by mistake, let’s just call mine the “Ain’t It Hella Cool News.”

Because there are things that I come across, from time to time, that I just feel the need to share. (No, it’s not another LSU football video, but the one from two days ago is still posted, if you are so inclined.) It’s just cool stuff.

Like this. I mean, regardless of politics, this is cool. I mean, who thought of this? How’d they come up with it? It’s effin’ brilliant! And now the government can pay $800 per can for the stuff. (Don’t tell FEMA — they’ll decide New Orleans needs a million cans.)

And like this. Okay, I cannot say enough good stuff about this particular lady. She is one of my favorite (see, Tiff, you didn’t get me to do it), favorite, favorite bloggers. Because as a writer, she is everything that I am not. And she has been nominated for a very nice and very well-deserved award in the “Best Diarist” category. So please go give Jen the love. To vote, click on the “award” link here and scroll down until you see the individual categories. Click on “Best Diarist” and go to “My Life Is One.” You can vote daily, so please do. And don’t take my word for it — those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting her, please do so. You will not be disappointed. (Just promise to come back and see me sometimes, ‘kay?)

Finally, with props to Shoparound for turning me on to this addictive little game, I’ve created a cool Trivia Contest of my own! It’ll be parked in the sidebar so you can go straight to it — you can play every day, and they even keep a scoreboard (for you competitive types). Join Wordnerd’s Whizzes — you’ll become addicted. And when you do, don’t blame me. Blame Shoparound. ‘Cuz she started it.

Ain’t it hella cool?