Hi y’all, it’s Tiff.

Sorry that Wordnerd couldn’t be here today, but she’s feeling under the weather from having had waaaay too much fun last night at the office Christmas party. Why I hear tell that she was teaching people party tricks with helium balloons that would cause a minister to chuckle with amusement.

That party girl even went so far, allegedly, as to get everyone into a big conga line and shout “LSU ROCKS” about a hundred times, then rebel yell in harmony while doign the Hokey Pokey to the Chicken Dance Song. Yep – she’s a wild one, allright!. Gosh, I even heard that she stuck her finger in the cake Yule log’s icing BEFORE they cut it! Wild woman! Wi-uld!

Anyhow, she e-mailed me this morning and asked if I could take over the reins (or is that reigns?) here for today, and of course I couldn’t turn her down, because she knows where I live and I’m a little afraid that she’d show up on my doorstep one day with all that Steel Magnolia thing going on and then proceed to give me a drawling verbal smackdown regarding my general lameness, being careful , of course, to enunciate and use proper grammar.

So, anyhow, Wordnerd’s off for today, but promises big things for next week, once she gets her land legs back.

Oh, and, um, go LSU! Woo!

Fine Print:
I only WISH I had had as much fun as Tiff describes, or only WISH I’d actually been at a real party instead of a dull school meeting. A meeting which might have actually made me fall asleep at the wheel on the way home except for the fact that my good friend Kristie tried to run me down in the parking lot and freakin’ kill me. But that’s a story for another day. Mad props to Tiff for saving my miserable butt today and keeping you all from having to read that incredible Thursday Thirteen post again.