UPDATE: I found the movie I was talking about. Not that I can do anything about it…but I found it!

SQUEE!!!! Do you have any idea how cool this is? I mean, the guy bought the freakin’ HOUSE. In case you don’t know, I heart this movie. And like many, it took a couple of viewings before I “got” it. But it’s become a family favorite, for sure.

During Christmas, I tend to run old Christmas movies on the vcr or dvd just as background noise. My collection runs from cheap-o Christmas cartoon tapes — bought when the kids were but wee tots and tapes were the reward for their good behavior in Walmart — to the classics.

I love Christmas programming. Charlie Brown Christmas, the Grinch, Rudolph. I’ve made it a habit to make sure the kiddies don’t miss those. Those shows remind me of those times as a kid, when you only had three channels which were fed by an aerial antenna, and the entire Christmas season was spent perusing the TV Guide to see when those episodes would air. I also remember some programs that I loved as a child but didn’t make it over the long term. One in particular was a 70’s era Christmas drama about a kid growing up in poverty and wanting this cat for Christmas. I think the kid’s name was J.T. and it was set in Harlem, or somewhere in the inner city. And I loved that show. Anyone else remember it? Or am I showing just how old I really am?

These days, our Christmas kicks off like this: we go get the tree, set it in the stand, and start decorating it while watching “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, which has become such a standard around here that the entire family knows all of the dialogue. I mean all of it. There’s also “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which never, ever fails to make me cry. C’mon — if you can get through “…attaboy, Clarence” with a dry eye you’re tougher than I am. “The Santa Clause” — which I loved even though there were a million reasons to dislike it. “Home Alone.”

So what are your family favorites? Which ones can you quote word-for-word? Tell me! Tell us all.

Or I’ll start talking about football again.