I’m going to try to be calm here. I’m going to try to think all this through, make a rational argument in favor of coincidence, and move along. I’m going…never mind. I’m not. I can’t.

The money angel worked.

You know the one. The chain e-mail. The one you delete without forwarding. The one you delete without forwarding then flagellate yourself with the cat-o-nine tail for deleting because, well, because what if it really does work? The one I forwarded.

I received one of those silly e-mails last week. Forward the money angel to six friends and you will see $ within x number of days. Forward it to twelve friends (yes, I have twelve friends, and they don’t all live in the internet) for an even quicker result. More moolah. I’m all about that. Except that I am the most cynical, jaded e-mailer in the world. Which explains why I refuse to forward e-mails that were written by Mother Teresa in 1954 (you know, before there was e-mail?). But for some reason, probably because the angel was cute but more than likely because I could use a hunk of money, I forwarded the silly thing to twelve people.

On Tuesday, I received some “side projects” which generate additional, unreported (!) income. I generally get one a month at best. Since that day, I have received eight files. On Wednesday, I received an unexpected raise. And this week, hubby got a new job. A new job with a much better salary and a whole buncha benefits.

So. Be a non-believer. Me? I’m forwarding that chick every time I receive her. And you better hope I have your e-mail address.