Today, I discovered what friends are really for. Okay. Wait. Especially you, Stew. This is NOT going to be one of those sappy girlfriends’ posts. So come back.

Sit right there and don’t move until I tell you you can.

A true friend is there for you through thick and through thin. According to an e-mail that has been circulating for quite a while, a friend bails you out of jail, while a good friend sits there in the jail cell with you and says, “Wow! Was that a blast or what?”

Today, I found out another thing that good friends are for. They are for making you realize that your life is not so bad after all. Consider this e-mail I received from my good, really good, friend Kristie. (Y’all may recognize the name. She occasionally, yes, just occasionally, delurks to comment. But what she lacks in commenting skillz she more than makes up for in e-mailing skillz.) So, anyhow, I get this e-mail from her in response to my “Where the hell have you been” e-mail which I sent to her:

I think I died and went straight to hell.
My day yesterday:
Woke up with a sinus headache
Opened I.’s gym bag and realized he must have left his Doc Martens at school, so, being the good lazy mom who hasn’t cleaned out the closet, I pulled out a pair a size too small for him to wear until he got his back
Tried to run some important errands, but got a call from school that H.’s wire popped out. Had to rush over there to get her to the orthodontist before they closed at noon, then rush her back so she wouldn’t miss lunch.
Ran one errand to get rat poison because we have an intruder.
Had to check H. back out to go have her urine tested. Then she couldn’t pee. Had to wait forever for THAT.
Off to pick up I. for HIS orthodontist appt. – no shoes (apparently they were TAKEN).
Got home, boiled a chicken for dumplins and the whole thing fell apart all over my stove when I tried to take it out to debone it.
Finally sat down, and H.’s cell phone rang (a “no number” that has been calling for weeks while she was at school). They asked for Kristie. She brings it to me and I get a royal bitch slapping from some woman who found H.’s number and the name Christy in her husband’s pocket. Never could convince her that the number belonged to a 10 year old. Made me sick, curled up in the fetal position.
Let the dogs out to pee, and lo and behold there is a 30 lb. possum in my backyard. They gave it a haircut and it layed down dead. They got bored, ate their dinner, and came back inside. Then the stupid thing got up and ran away. Playing possum?
Sent I. to school in small shoes again hoping to find the old ones. Left work early today to take him to the shoe store……..

So, I have been in no mood to expose myself to anyone I consider a friend.
…Oh, and I got an email from D.R. that they never found my sweatshirt check so I have to send a new one tomorrow…………
Better day today, though how could it not be?

So. That’s what friends are for. Friends are for telling you about their day and making you feel a whole lot better about your own life. So if you were having a bad day that was just made better by this post, please tell Kristie in my comments. Hurry though. I can’t imagine that her computer hasn’t crashed.

Oh. And you can get up now.