Today is Miss Yvonne’s last day on the job. She came up to me on Monday with tears in her eyes, telling me she was glad she saw me because she wanted to hug all those people that had made her job so easy. She told me that I had touched her, and I told her she had done the same thing for me. I told her that I look at life in a whole new way, and that I had her to thank for that. I told her that our hallways will not be the same without her humming hymns as she mopped. As she mopped up the dirt we tracked in. I told her that my mornings would not be the same, now that she wouldn’t be there to make me smile no matter what. I told her that I’d miss her. And then I cried.
I asked her what she planned to do. Take it easy? Sit on the porch and rock? No, no ma’am, she said. She said she has to do what the Lord has willed her to do. She said she is getting a motor home and travelling and doing volunteer work, ministering wherever the Lord sends her.

I should have known.

She wouldn’t allow anyone to give her a going-away party. No speeches, no gifts. She said that her gifts have been the people she has met along the way.

I think we got the present, Miss Yvonne. God bless you.