So here’s the deal. I’m celebrating 200 posts and my 15,000th visitor this week. (Stop laughing; you were there once.) So you know what? I’m taking the day off. I am, however, giving you this gem. Sadly, it will appeal more to Star Wars geeks than those of you with real lives, but it’s funny as hell. And you only have to have seen the original Star Wars for it to make sense.

And, just for fun, here’s what I posted one year ago today. (Special thanks to Erica for the hella cool idea.)

Oh. By the way, you’re welcome. Because I know you are thanking me for putting that ridiculous Kool & The Gang song in your head. My pleasure.

Ok. Last addition. I promise. I meant to do this this morning. If you’re looking for some great Halloween fare (reading, not candy), go to wordsmithsunlimited, where Tiff and her band of merry writers have posted some way, I mean way, good stuff for this month’s writing challenge. No calories, no fat grams.

P.P.P.S. Oh, well. Like a good transistor radio trained to an AM station in 1969, the hits just keep on coming. So here’s a nice little diversion to help you whittle away what’s left of your Halloween workday. Betcha can’t do it just once!