So. Have you ever been eating lunch at your desk, enjoying a delicious warmup of last night’s Chinese leftovers? And reading blogs? And deciding to make a comment at someone’s but needing the correct spelling of bourguignon so you don’t look like an idiot? So you pull out the dictionary, and you set it down on your desk? Except that your plastic fork is balanced precariously on the edge of the chinese food container, just minding its own business? And you disrupt it by setting the dictionary at precisely the exact point that will cause the fork to catapult fried rice, chicken, and shrimp lo mein all over your desk?

Because nothing says “loser-who-eats-at-her-desk” better than submitting something to the stinkin’ supreme court that’s been soaked with soy sauce?

Ever happen to you?

Um, me either. But if it did, I’d be blaming Jemima and her chicken pies.