I don’t know how many of you know what’s going on, but those of you that read some of the mommyblogs may be aware that there are some sick, cruel people out there doing things in the name of ‘parody.’ It’s not parody when you attack someone’s kid. It’s cruel. And it’s heartless. And most of all, it’s cowardly. If you don’t like a particular blogger, there are plenty of other sites where you can spend your time. Picking on their kids for sport doesn’t make you funny. It makes you vile and repulsive. And it makes me sick.

To my loyal readers, I love you all. But I won’t be posting any more pictures of my children. Because I cannot take the risk of them, or my family, being exploited in any way.

If you are familiar with those sites, clicking onto them just boosts their stats and brings in revenue. So please think twice.