Today is simply a hodgepodge, if you will, of thoughts. It’s been a rough couple of days around here in blogland, and my soul needs a rest. So I apologize for the randomness of thoughts today and suggest that if you are looking for more substantial fare, check out my blogroll or visit some of my previous posts. And be kind when digging for substance in those…
It’s dark and dismal, and the promise of rain looks like it will be fulfilled shortly. I’m enjoying the fallish weather, though, since we are actually getting some cooler (not what many of you guys are experiencing, obviously, but…) temperatures. It’s football weather, and that’s a good thing. High school, college, pro, and now, as if I didn’t have enough to distract me, a SERIES about football. On tv. Yes. I know you are thrilled. How many of you have discovered the treat that is Friday Night Lights? This show is wonderful on about a million levels. I know I wrote about it when I was breaking up with Dr. House, and, as an aside, it looks like the breakup was a bit premature as I don’t think the shows will be opposite each other after all, but… This is a darn good show. And you know what? I don’t think you have to be a football fan (or fanatic) to enjoy it. It’s well written, and they don’t botch up southern accents nearly as terribly as I’ve seen them do in other shows. Of course, all of this love I’m feeling probably means that the show will be cancelled within the next two to three weeks. But I urge you to give it a try. It’s that good.

I’m in the middle of a horrible regimen of pharmaceuticals for the next fourteen days as well. Final biopsy results came in yesterday, and, while I’m thrilled that the c-word (No, not that c-word…) was noticeably absent from those results, the thing I have been diagnosed with is a precursor, and possibly a contributor, to something dreadful further down the road. No need to discuss that further as I refuse for it to become a possibility. Is it not true that if you ignore something it’ll go away? Oh. It’s not? Well then, never mind.

Finally (yes, it really is going to end), thank you all for the good wishes you sent Miss Priss following her birthday post as well as taking the time to provide names of those who have been affected by breast cancer over the past couple of days. I know that Renn appreciates it as well as those others who have been touched by this horrible disease. Now if Brenda will just get the punkin off her head…

I’ll make every attempt to make more sense tomorrow.

But no promises.

Oh! And…

LSU Update
LSU 38 Fresno State 6