She was a beautiful lady. She had the most incredible smile and a warm, engaging personality. People that met her were immediately impressed with her poise and charm. We weren’t close friends, but we shared the friendship that comes with having worked in the same building for twenty-odd years, interacting within the scope of our professions. We would run into each other time and again when I’d be picking my children up from school and she was picking up her grandchildren. We’d chat, compare stories. I liked her. A lot. She fought breast cancer with that same smile. Never giving up, never giving in. She retired to spend quality time with the grandchildren she had acquired when her daughter married a man with children. And, doing what she did best, she took them in and immediately made them love her. I asked about her from time to time, and it was always wonderful to hear that she was enjoying life and doing great. She went to the beach with “the girls” a couple of months ago and had the time of her life.
And she died on Friday.

I’ll miss her. I’ll miss her smile. She was a testament to fighting a horrific battle with dignity and grace.

This post was almost complete. I was just waiting to put the final touches on it. Then I saw Rennratt’s post. Renn and I had been talking about her mom. The first week of October, she mentioned awareness month and reminded us her mom was a survivor. I added her mom’s name to my daughter’s list of survivors for a school presentation. She reminded us to keep her mom in our thoughts just a few days ago. Please take a moment to leave some good wishes at her site. Renn is a great gal, and she’d appreciate it. I know she’d do the same for you.

In closing, I ask you to visit this site if you haven’t already. Click on the button that provides a free mammogram for every visit. I also ask you to take charge of your own lives and take care of yourselves. Men, encourage the women in your lives — moms, girlfriends, wives, daughters.

In my life, I know of Fran, and Paula, and Lynn, and Stacey, and Rhonda, and Ethel, and Diane, and Lori. And they all want you to be aware. Do it for them. Do it for your family.

Do it for you.

I would really appreciate your posting any names of survivors or those who lost their battle in my comments. We’ll all think of them together, okay?