Wow — it’s the 16th already? It was just the 10th! Sorry for my absence…wish I could say I’ve been off doing glamorous things in really exotic places, but I can’t. Same old same old. I haven’t even been by to visit you guys lately. Not sure what’s going on — responsibilities at home and work, a remodel project that is taking way longer than it should have, medical stuff, you name it. And I’ve missed you guys.
A few days ago, Tiff* and I were talking about how site traffic is down, and how we haven’t been the good little bloggers that we used to be. Interestingly enough, that same day, I clicked onto Jennifer’s* site and she posed a question that had been posed to her in yet another blog: is blogging dead? Some people think that blogging is becoming passe’, with Flickr and MySpace taking blogging’s place in the “cool” column.

I can guarantee you that MySpace isn’t going to happen for me. First, I’m just too old for all that. I’ve looked at my kids’ pages, complete with blinkies, and music, and videos, and whatsits. Same for Flickr. First, you people have cameras that obviously require a second mortgage. My little $200 HP does NOT take the high-quality digital pics that yours does. Besides, Flickr is for commenting, not writing a dissertation on lovebugs. It’s for sharing sexy shots, not forcing other bloggers to paint themselves pink to settle a bet.

It’s for those young whippersnappers.

I need to write. I need to sign onto my site every six or so days and write. Something. Anything. It doesn’t even have to be good.

So how do you feel about it? Is traffic down at your own site? Have you found yourself spending less time on your blogroll and more time in the, ahem, real world? Do you think blogging is becoming passe’?

I’ll be off for the next few days having a barrage of icky tests in an effort to find out what the heck is going on with me. But I’ll check in. So talk to me.

*And if blogging is, indeed, dead, you two, call it something else — call it anything — just don’t stop writing!

U Update (because you’ve actually started looking for it…)
LSU 49 Kentucky 0