She’s cheerful and spry. A hymn of praise is never far from her lips. With skin like black coffee, white curly hair, and red lipstick, Miss Yvonne is a a steady presence in my building. Always humming or singing, she goes about her busyness with joy. She always stops to say hello, to say a kind word. Many a bad morning has been remedied by an encounter with the smiling face of Miss Yvonne.
We’re a pretty tight group here, this collection of folks that decided to make their careers in this old courthouse. Most people never leave, they just change floors or departments. And Miss Yvonne is one of those people. She never fails to remind people how blessed she is. Just the other day, she told me I was on her ‘list.’ When I asked her what list, she said that she has a list of people that have blessed her life and that she wants to make sure she says goodbye to when she retires. People that have been so good to her, she says, that she is always reminded that her God is near. She’s an inspiration, this Miss Yvonne.

And as I watch her go about her work, cleaning our bathrooms and emptying our garbage, I often stop and wonder if she doesn’t have it just a little better than we do.