Good morning, folks. This one is going to be short and sweet. I would like for each of you, lurkers and commenters alike, to pay a visit to my good friend Stew over at Get Stewed. See, Stew found out last night what happens when you make a bet with me. He found out last night that all the trash talk in the world ain’t nothin’ but a thang if you can’t back it up.

And today he’s going to find out how it feels to have an all-pink blog. Yes, this manly man bet me that his Atlanta Falcons would be all over the New Orleans Saints on Monday night. But like the city itself, the Saints ain’t playin’. This is for real. So head on over there, say hello, give him a good ribbing, and report back to me if that blog isn’t dripping in pink. And be sure to tell him Wordnerd sent you.

As Bono put it last night at the festivities reopening the Superdome, “It’s a beautiful day.”

LSU Update
9/23/06 LSU 49 Tulane 7