So Louisiana makes the news again. We’re used to this, of course, here in this state of corrupt politicians and backroom deals. That’s us — seven columnar inches on the front page of the nation’s collective opinion.

But this is different. This time, guys, we busted Willie.

I know you have to have heard about this, but for the benefit of those you haven’t, I’ll fill you in. Seems Willie Nelson and his tour bus were passing through our fine state en route back to Texas. An extremely observant (!) cop saw the tour bus, recognized it as Willie’s, and realized he was on his way to a three-minute opening story on that night’s news. It was Willie’s tour bus, and, if Willie was breathin’, he was tokin’.

The officer says as soon as the doors opened, the smoke hit. The happy occupants of the bus, ranging in age from 50-74, obliged the officer as he found about a pound and a half, as well as some tasty mushrooms. And almost in unison, they claimed that it belonged to all of them. This ain’t your first rodeo, is it, Willie? If it belongs to all of you, it’s deemed for “personal use” and you escape the more serious felony possession charges. Think they practice that? “Dry run, everybody, one more time, so we have it right…ready? 1,2,3, ‘It’s ours!'”

Anyway, opinions are mixed. Lots of folks think we should have just left Willie alone. Others think he was given preferential treatment. The cop was “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” And the media is still trying to find out if Willie ever voted Republican before they decide whether to crucify him or give him a star on the walk of fame.

It’ll all be ok. Willie will be back on the road again, and we’ll get back to what we do best around here.

I’ll let you use your imagination on that.