An instant message between two sisters, one of them being yours truly:

Moi: And I need to say this as well. I’m very distraught over this whole Pluto thing.

Sis: YOU? That’s so messed up.

Moi: It’s wrong, and I don’t think Pluto was adequately represented.

Sis: Pluto will always be a planet to me.

Moi: The poor widow of the guy who discovered Pluto was quoted as being “shook up.”

Sis: The whole thing stinks to high heaven….I mean whoever represented Pluto must have been Goofy …

Moi: Yeah, I know … some space cadet somewhere gets an idea …

Sis: Yep …

Moi: I was so upset I had to go get a Milky Way out of the vending machine

Sis: lolol

Moi: I’m going there tomorrow. I’m going up to the guy and tell him, “This whole goofy Pluto thing? You can stick that whole idea up Uranus.”

Sis: lol

A very happy Friday to you all . . .