… and I’m not sure how to tell you guys this, but, well, I’m annoyed. I know that may come as a complete and total shock to many of you. ‘Cause, you know, I never rant and rave and complain and climb on my soapbox or anything. But so far, this is turning out to be a really annoying week. And it’s not like something happened, like bad traffic, or people bugging me. It’s just, umm, stuff.
Like this.

  1. I hate, I mean I simply abhor, people who misuse “I” and “me.” Okay, well, not the people themselves. (Maybe I do, sometimes, but that’s a different post.) But I hate the misuse. People! Listen! Things do not happen to dad and I, they happen to dad and me. No one gave money to Sue and I. They gave it to Sue and me. You’re trying way too hard here.
  2. Keeping No. 1 in mind, I present to you #2. I detest when people who, in their attempt to prove how literate they are, correct those people who say “dad and me” and tell them it should be “dad and I.” Keep in mind, I am a proper southern lady and I would just fall out with a case of the vapors before I ever embarrassed someone. But let me catch you correcting someone’s grammar incorrectly???? In order to embarrass them or make yourself appear superior? As my beloved Emeril would say, “BAM!
  3. Is this going on where any of you live? Ever since gas prices went up, if I put in a debit card to pay for gas, they are limiting me to how much I can put in. A couple weeks ago it cut me off at $40. The other day, $35. It has nothing to do with how much is in my account. The gas station attendant said this is being done by the individual banks. Am I alone here?
  4. It’s just like Yahoo music. I stream the free stuff, because I paid for them for a year and didn’t see much of a difference between that and the free account. But they cut my music off if I’m not working enough. “We detected you are idle.” Yeah? What of it? Do you sign my checks? Huh?
  5. Paris Hilton says she doesn’t know who Tony Blair is. I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
  6. This getting up at 5:00 a.m. and being on the road at 6:30 is for. The. Birds. Ya hear me?
  7. And that’s it. I considered, for one split second, making it to 13 and thus being able to steal a cute little Thursday 13 banner or something.
  8. That’s not gonna happen.
Happy Thursday! Bah.