So you know that evil internet? The one crawling with stalkers? (Don’t believe me? You haven’t been here long enough, then.) Trust me. It’s a bad place.
Trouble is, I like it here. I like my little blog-world. I like my readers, and I like all my peeps that I read. At times, I like my little cyber-world much more than the real one. You know, the one with trees, daylight, that sort of thing?

And I loves me the friends I have made as a result of the internet. The number of friends I have that I’ve never met face-to-face now has to be counted on two hands. Friendships that have come as a result of comments at sites that led to e-mail communications that led to instant message marathons. Like this. Reported by the inimitable Tiff, who easily falls into that two-handed count I was talking about. (If you have not discovered the joy that is Tiff, now is the time!) And Juliana, who probably has the most interesting life EVER. I could easily take the series of e-mails between us and write a heck of a book. Instead, I’ll let her write it. She’s a poor grad student.

So how about you? How many friends have you made online? Do you have friendships that have developed as a result of blogging? Something tells me you have. But now I want you to tell me about it.