Last week I wrote about that silly website that scans your photo and tells you who you look like. And they came up with ten matches for me, including the lovely lady to the left of your screen. And believe me, my dears, this photo does not do my beauty justice. Hee!

Seriously, though, we bloggers (and not-a-bloggers) have a lovely community here in the ‘sphere. We know a lot about each other, each other’s children, each other’s lives. We know the trials and tribulations, failures and successes that we choose to share with each other. But we don’t know what half of the folks we talk to look like. Some of you have shared images with your readers, so we have a face to associate with the ‘voice’ we read every day. Others have described themselves in one way or another. But with most of the people I read, I know way more about who they are than who they look like.

I’ve never posted my picture on the net. No real reason, other than (1) I am my own worst critic and (2) there was that stalking incident several months ago. So each of you have your own version of me. And I find that interesting.

I’m very visual. I immediately put a face on the voice I hear (or read). That backfired on me a few years back, when I was working part-time as a police radio dispatcher during college breaks. And I fell in love with a voice on the other side of the radio. Another dispatcher. ( I have told this story somewhere, sometime on the internet. I cannot remember if it was in a comment or on here, so forgive me if I’m repeating myself.) To make a long story short, he asked me out once, and I accepted, and when we finally met, he looked nothing like he sounded. Nothing. God, I mean nothing. (Let’s just not go there now, m’kay?) Worse still, he did not have the personality he had on the radio. It was a total disaster, and I cut the evening short. Very short.

So I have a picture, in my mind, of each of the people I read. And along the way, sometimes, I find out what some of you really look like. Some are dead-on balls accurate, like our dear Kenju, who just happened to include a photo of herself in her post today and who just happens to look exactly like she sounds. Tiff? Looks like she sounds. (Not just the eyeball.) And, since she’s moved on up into the big leagues, to actual audio posts, we now know she even sounds like she writes.

Others, not so much. In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen pictures of people that sound one way and look totally, completely another.

So what about you? Do you assign a face to a voice? Not only the ones you hear, but the ones you read? And while you’re answering, tell me how you picture me. I’m curious.

Remember. Elle MacPherson. Only prettier. Bah!