There are about a thousand reasons I hate Blogger right now. And, yes, as the title indicates, I realize it’s free, and it’s user-friendly, and I shouldn’t expect much from the folks that allow me to waste vast amounts of time writing vast amounts of nothing. And I realize that I’ve bitched about these folks one too many times for you guys to even care, but…

Gah! They piss me off. What’s the deal, anyway? Why does the site crash every freaking Monday morning? Site traffic? Uh, yeah. You’re G*ogle, people. You are the kings of site traffic, aren’t you? You didn’t amass more money than G*d by running everything over dial-up, did you?

See, the thing is, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this business. But when I do, and when I have written a post that I am really, really interested in hearing my readers’ responses to, or when I have written several witty, perfectly-worded comments to other blogs, I’d, well, you know, kind of like the comment feature to work. I’d like to respond to comments at my own site from time to time. Monday? Blogger ate three different comments of mine. (Now come Thursday, they may all show back up and make me look like the biggest lame-o loser of all time.)

Please don’t lecture me about switching. I am too cheap to pay for web-hosting. I don’t have the technical savvy to develop my own site. If it weren’t for the magical, marvelous Zoot, I wouldn’t have my cool, groovy, retro page design. So in the worst, most horrible tagline I will ever author and will live to regret saying, I’d rather bitch than switch.

I hope that those of you that tried (or will try) to post comments will please come back. I really, truly want to hear from you.

But I just got a note from Blogger, and the principal wants to see me. Oops.