To begin, let’s run thru some noteworthy developments. First, today is a very special birthday, but we here in the blogosphere will be celebrating this one all week. Our dear Old Old Lady of the Hills has hit a milestone, her 75th, and is hosting a birthday party at her place. Please be sure to drop by and give her a birthday greeting!

Second, please welcome the very talented metten back to the blogging world. You had us scared, buddy, when it looked like you were shutting it down. Don’t ever do that again!

(So many surprises…what’s next, a new post from Adam?)

Then, I’d like to direct your attention to two fun sites that a couple of us have been frequenting. Both sites feature posts by several writers (like me and tiff!) and are always looking for new material (and writers). Please pay both sites a visit, wouldja please? They are Carnival of the Mundane and Hyperion Institute.

(Updated 6/28/06, when I realized I had said “hours”…) Finally, before we move on, I am likely going to receive my 10,000th visitor in the next couple of days. That may not seem like much to you guys, but to me? You know? It is hella cool! Thanks to all of you for sticking with me.

Now, all eyes on me. Here’s a quick little exercise that I thought was pretty cool. It’s also, as I said, quick, and since I feel like I’ve been hit at and missed and shit at and hit this week, it works quite nicely into my plan to get at least SOMETHING new posted.

One-Word Survey

1. Yourself: Tired.
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Him.
3. Your hair: Short.
4. Your Mother: Deceased.
5. Your Father: Also.
6. Your Favorite Item: Books.
7. Your dream last night: None.
8. Your Favorite Drink: Water.
9. Your Dream Home: Magazine.
10. The Room You Are In: Cozy.
12. Your fear: Failure.
13. Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Retired.
14. Who you hung out with last night: Family.
15. What You’re Not: Fulfilled.
16. Your Best Friends: Fun.
17. One of Your Wish List Items: Beachhouse.
18. Your Gender:Female
19. The Last Thing You Did: Read.
20. What You Are Wearing: T-shirt
21. Your favorite weather:Fall
22. Your Favorite Book? Tons.
23.Last thing you ate? Cherries.
24. Your Life:Insane.
25. Your mood: Calm.
26. The last person you talked to on the phone: Son.
27. Who are you thinking about right now? Sandman.