There are memes, and there are memes. This one is probably the most personal of all, but I was immediately drawn to it. Much like having an argument and later drafting a letter that you know you will never mail, things like this are particularly therapeutic. They help you understand people and their motivations. More importantly, they help you understand you. Thanks to Risible Girl, who gave me the idea and who, by her very profession, inspires me to dig deeper.

Here are the rules….. List ten (10) things you want to say to people but do not state who these people are. No tagging here. These are personal. I encourage you to post as many or as few of your own as you wish in the comments section, at your own site, or in your own journal. You’ll be glad you did.

Ten Things I’d Like to Say But Can’t
  1. You have no idea how much your self-centeredness annoys those around you.
  2. I think the reason I don’t feel sorry for you any more is because you do such a good job of feeling sorry for yourself. And that’s the real pity.
  3. I really think that you “settled” when you married him, and it hurts me that you think so little of yourself.
  4. God I hope I’m doing right by you.
  5. I’d do anything to have a telephone conversation with you one time when you didn’t interrupt me and I could truly believe you were listening and not just talking.
  6. I know you think you are doing the right thing for her, but you are not a doctor and you are hurting her more than you are helping.
  7. You hurt a lot of people by taking your own life and I’ll never get over that.
  8. I am so envious of every aspect of your life.
  9. You are raising your daughter to be as superficial as you are.
  10. Stop patronizing me and pay me what I’m worth.

Phew. I’m done. There’s not much else to say. Thanks for listening.