Not a lot of time this morning, folks. I got to work 30 minutes late because (yay!) it’s finally raining but (boo!) people don’t know how to drive in it. Add to that a one-lane drive into work, through road construction, down the busiest street, and it makes for a late morning. Then I have to leave in a little while because Miss Priss is finishing up an intense (it is, just ask her) volleyball camp and they are playing a tournament all morning. So mom-o’-the-year must attend the awards ceremony as well as part of the games, since Miss Priss announced this morning she has finally mastered bump-set-spike. Yeah, whatever. All that means to me is that I once again have to be in two places at one time.
Y’all know I don’t mean that. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Anyway, I thought I’d catch you all up on a few things. First, yes, it’s raining here. For the first time in, I swear, two months. And this means what to you? Absolutely nothing. But it’s great news for me. My lawn is brown and crunchy, it’s taking me an hour every evening to water my garden so my veggies don’t wither on the vine, and it’s hot as hell.

Second, the kitten issue is dead. Not literally. No animals were harmed in the making of this decision. She simply got over it. Yay me.

Third, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Charles has left the service of the state and is now happily, albeit sleepily, back on people’s roofs, doing what he does best. I’ll leave “best” to your imaginations. Rappin’ John has also been given his walking papers and will likely release a “best-of” CD in the near future. Thanks to Brenda for her diligent work in both mens’ behalf, and to Adam, for creating the ribbon project, and to both him and Stew for proudly displaying the ribbon in their sidebars. (Sorry, I know that’s a lotta links, but those of you new here would have been really confused. Now you just think we’re all nuts.)

So that’s it, folks, on this fine, wet Friday. Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week!