Thirteen Things about Wordnerd!

1. I have confirmed the fact that my weatherpixie girl has an immense crush on Stew Magoo. Not sure quite how we are going to deal with this, and I am seriously questioning her judgment.

2. While I've been not-a-blogging for some time now, I still don't know what a permalink is. Or RSS feed. Or Trackback.

3. While I am normally a pretty happy-go-lucky person, I am informing all of you ladies that Dr. House is NOT up for grabs. So get your grubby mitts away from him.

4. I am probably one of the most easily annoyed human beings on earth.

5. My annoyances, however, are ALWAYS justified.

6. 13 was probably one of the worst years of my life.

7. I hate all Quentin Tarant*no movies.

8. When I started writing this not-a-blog, I was convinced I'd be better than most people out there.

9. I now realize that that was woefully inaccurate.

10. I am a better person for that realization.

11. Seeing how long it has taken me to write 13 things about myself, I don't foresee doing one of those "100 Things About..." that many people have in their blogs. Know what? Please refer to Nos. 8 & 9.

12. I am really proud of the relationship I have with my two children, who are at extremely difficult ages and who still tell me everything.

13. I am what most people consider an excellent cook.

13.5. (Because I can.) I did not give in on the kitten issue. And No. 12 did not suffer for it.

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