As I sat down last night, at my computer, having checked mail, paid bills, done some shopping, checked on some banking stuff, double-checked my kids’ summer reading lists, and ordered pizza, it hit me that I was able to do all of this WITHOUT EVER LEAVING MY CHAIR.

So as I pondered the beauty and magic of the internet, and what it has given me (we’re not talking about the extra pounds — let’s not go there…), I decided there were some pretty cool things that we have these days that we sometimes take for granted. Here’s a list of mine:


  1. online billpay
  2. a cellphone that isn’t the size of a shoebox
  3. eBay
  4. DECENT microwavable food*
  5. direct deposit
  6. House (not my house, Dr. House!)
  7. sea salt skin care products
  8. Swiffer products
  9. my hot pink Crocs
  10. my blogbuddies
So. How about you? What things — obviously we’re not talking about the deep heavy stuff, like kids and so forth, so don’t go throwing guilt trips at me by throwing that out there — but what things do you just love having that haven’t been around for all that long?

*Note: Okay, okay. A lot of it is still gross. But you have to admit that it’s improved. And some of the stuff is just downright excellent. Case in point: the new Lean Cuisine Panini’s. Excellence on a browning tray.