I know I shouldn’t be trash-talking about Blogger, since I’m getting what I pay for. But dammit! I tried to log on all stinkin’ day so I could get my post up. Not that you guys were tired of reading about the godforsaken uniform sale or anything…
But it really drives me nuts. I realize that traffic to the site must be increasing dramatically, judging by how many new bloggers I’m discovering on a regular basis. But holy moly…all day? I couldn’t bring up other blogs, and if I did, I couldn’t get into the comments section. So guys, I was there, when Blogger would let me be there. And FORGET about logging in to post to my own site. Blogger would have none of that.

So that’s why you got yet another day of my blathering on about the sale. And it’s also why there’s nothing substantive in this post. Because I freakin’ forgot what I wanted to talk about. I know a lot of people work on their daily post in Word or another program and then paste it over onto Blogger. For whatever reason, the formatting, the font, the everything, get completely out of kilter during the transfer process. Besides, I kinda shoot from the hip, without spending a lot of time on most of my posts, and I’d like to keep it that way.

You guys have come to expect mediocrity, dammit, and I’m not going to let you down.

So this is Wednesday’s post, even though it’s really a non-post. I got tagged a couple weeks ago to do a Thursday Thirteen, so hopefully that’ll get completed sometime, you know, before Friday. And then maybe Blogger will let me post that.

And if all this makes sense to you, you’ve been reading here way too long.