Justify FullThose of you that have been around awhile probably know what has happened. Yep, I, in typical wordnerd fashion, have put more on my plate than can be consumed in a week’s time. So I’m running around like the proverbial chicken. What made me think that I could manage finals week with Miss Priss, picking her up at 11:30 the whole week, going to work (with her in tow) part-time (funny, they hired me FULL time…hmmm), and scheduling a garage/yard/rummage/whatever sale Friday and Saturday?

Fortunately, those of you that are familiar with my insanity know I’ll be back in full swing once I find the chickenhead that rolled off somewhere. And you newcomers? Trust the old guys. I’ll be back. Just hang around, read old stuff, and, more importantly, visit some of the blogs I’ve listed in the sidebar. Something tells me you’ll find a lot of folks that are infinitely more interesting than yours truly. But come back.

You’ll feel really guilty if you don’t!