I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the site I’m about to link and with Caleb’s struggle as a preemie. This wasn’t a site I visited daily, so I was late in finding this out. And it hurts more than I would have thought.
Funny thing, this internet. For all the bad that is out there — for every stalker (even when they are in your own mind), predator, Viagra salesman, and Nigerian businessman out there, there are also a bunch of caring people. Many who share your dreams. Your realities. And many who will pray for you and your family when, as Amalah puts it so eloquently, “the unthinkable happens.”

And the unthinkable has happened. And we cannot begin to fathom the pain and grief. But we can, as friends, as parents, heck — as members of the human race, offer our thoughts and, if we so choose, our prayers. For Caleb. For others like Caleb. For Caleb’s family.

Remember “Pay It Forward?” I loved that movie. Critics dismissed it as sappy and manipulative. But it opened my eyes. It opened my eyes to the power of positive thought that is capable of growing exponentially.

So, if you don’t mind, send something — anything — their way. It can’t hurt.