Remember that song from a few (maybe more than a few) years back, “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm”? Come on, you remember it. I know you do. When you’ve stopped bobbing your heads back and forth to the tune that I have now implanted into your heads, I’ll continue.
Thank you. Anyway, I could have written that song. I mean, that’s the way I walk around most of the time. Just going “hmmmm” at the world and its goings on. Honestly, I think sometimes I have my finger on the freakin’ PULSE of stupidity.

Here are a few things that captured my attention recently:

  • Is David Blaine not an idiot of the highest order? (Say it with me: liver damage, possible neurological damage…Not.Worth.It.)
  • How come Blogger’s spellcheck function doesn’t recognize the words, “blog,” “blogging,” or even, ahem, “Blogger”?????
  • The German guy. You know, the cannibal? He testified in court that he only killed and ate his victim because the victim wanted him to. I wouldn’t let my kids get away with that excuse for something much less heinous.
  • And there’s the Chinese businessman. The one that bought a fighter jet off of eBay and now wants his money back because they can’t ship it to China. (Read.The.Fine.Print.Dude.) Better yet — couldn’t they just fly the damn thing to him?
Is it just me? Or is the world losing its mind? I mean really. We’ve got all of the above and then some. We’ve got Wife Swap.

We’ve got Paris Hilton.


And I’ve got all these hits coming from Paris’ and K-Fed’s fans who are googling their idols and getting this instead.

Now that’s hot.