Oh, dear, dear Blogger gods, what have I done to incur your wrath? Why, oh why, do you tease me? Why do you let me think I can write a post in one sitting without you freezing up, shutting down, or eating my cursor? What made me think that staring at the “your pictures are loading” graphic (or whatever it says) as it spun hypnotically meant that my pictures would eventually load?

I have begun three separate posts over the past day and a half only to lose them. I mean, it may be easy for some people to pick up wherever the site left them, but I can’t. I generally post in stream-of-consciousness mode — with me, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. And because I have very small windows of opportunity within which to work, if I lose my place, so to speak, I can’t return right away. And then the feeling, or the inspiration, or, in my case most times, the anger have left. And I’ve tried to write my post in Word and then cut and paste it, but that doesn’t work. The one time I tried to do that the font jumped to 72 and the normal, everyday rants of your average wordnerd suddenly became these horrible e-screams. Not my style, knowwhutImean?

I have also attempted to read other peoples’ blogs. I have attempted to comment on them. Blogger will have none of that. So those of you that have given up hope that I’ll ever return? Trust me, I will. When this crazy ass blogging program that I don’t pay a cent for but I still bitch about lets me.

On another, somewhat unrelated subject, it’s been really cool to get visits from all the new people over the past couple of days. My poor little sitemeter is freaking out as it got to once again (this doesn’t happen often, obviously) jump way on up past the little 2-3 visitor mark. Last time that happened was when I got mentioned at the WVSR. But those times are few and far between, so it’s great when I get new visitors (and also great to know that my old friends are still with me) — I love hearing from you guys. Because this is fun. It’s fun to meet new people, read what they have to say, and heck, even find a distant relative now and then. (That was way cool.)

So I’m planning to stick it out. Eventually, Blogger will get over its anger at whatever I did to it and we’ll be friends again. Until then, I’ll sit here, at its mercy.

Because it’s worth it.