Just a couple things today, gleaned from this week’s headlines. First, I’m sure those of you that check the news saw this. And many of you know how I feel about these wackos. So I get real pleasure in this. I’m just hoping that the full translation is “get out…while you still can.”
In another story, the headline read: “Jury Deliberates if Moussaoui Should Die.” Ummm, I’m thinking that the headline should have read: “Jury De.” Because that’s about as long as the deliberations should have taken. Enough of my politics. I’m climbing down off the soapbox. I’m thinking I should just sit up here permanently, but that’s another post for another day.

And I was glad to see this. That’s one more thing I can cross off the list of things that will eventually kill me.

And right when you thought I was incapable of writing another word about people up on the roof, there’s this. Dumbass.

Finally, politics aside, did y’all see this? This is the kind of thing that would happen to me. In fact, something like this DID happen to me recently. And I’m still too mortified to talk about it. Maybe one day. I doubt it, though. It’s definitely not something I’m proud of.

Anyway, have a great day, and let’s hope that nothing you do becomes a headline tomorrow. Unless, of course, it’s in a good way!