Soooo…the psychocouple had their scientolobaby today. And the world is abuzz. And why do we care? I don’t really, and haven’t since Tom C. lost his effin’ mind.
I mean, I always liked him. I had been a fan of his since he was a pudgy little cadet in “Taps.” I thought he was versatile, believable, incredible. Heck, I even liked “Cocktail.” Not a whole lot, but I liked it okay. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, y’all.

Until it fell off and rolled behind Oprah’s couch.

You know, I’m pretty much live-and-let-live about religion. I truly believe that none of us really have it completely figured out and that we have to pick what works for us. But I’m gonna tell ya. I’d never read much about this scientology stuff until recently. And I have to admit, it creeps me out. And I don’t blame Katie’s dad for freaking out.

Am I missing something?

And does anyone appreciate the coincidence of Brooke Shields and TomKat having their babies on the same day as much as I do? I had the baby blues really bad with Mr. Cool. It didn’t go as far as Brooke Shields’. I didn’t require medication. Or, maybe I did and just didn’t ask for it. My episode passed before it got too out of hand. But I’m tempted, just a little, to wish a teeny case of PPD on Mr. & Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou.

With wishes to Brooke for a much better time this go-round.