Ok, at the outset, let me explain that I am not a holier-than-thou Bible-beating nut case. Nut case, well maybe. But this list, which I am usually at the top of for one or more reasons (pointing and laughing, chuckling when people trip, making totally inappropriate comments, etc.), is just for fun. I do not judge. (Well, actually, I do, but that’s another story.) So…this is strictly for my amusement. Tongue-in-cheek, okay?

So, without further ado, here is:


1. This cop. I mean, geez!
2. Umm, and this mom of the year.

I mean guys, really. Granny is 82. Was this cop born without a grandma? I understand his reasoning, I suppose, but still. A ticket? Poor dear. Her, not the cop.

And mom? Faking an obituary for your own kid? Great googly moogly. I mean, have you ever? Would you ever? This defies all sensibility. Not to mention it puts the hoodoo on you that you’ll never be able to remove. Hope those days off were worth it, guys.

These guys will join the parents that leave their kids home alone to take a freaking vacation and Paris Hilton, who commits crimes against humanity even before she gets out of bed in the morning. Her worst to date? Not a clue. But her worst, in my book, was the time, after a season of Real Life (yeah, right), when a reporter asked her if she’d stay in touch with the nice farm couple that took her in. She chuckled and said, “Um, I changed my number.” For that, she’s forever on my list.

Short week, short list. I’ll be back next week with the mediocre posts you’ve come to expect.

Can someone give me a hand while I climb off my soapbox? Thanks.

P.S. Let me hurry and type this before they see it. Y’all — Blogger really, really hates me.