I’m bogged down in blogs. That is to say, I have so many blogs that I click onto every day that they are taking more and more of my time. I read them, then I click on their links, then I read those, then I click on their links…and so it goes. I’m not sure how to stop the madness. I’m not sure I want to stop the madness!
It’s like magazines. B.C. (before children) I would subscribe to certain ones, add more subscriptions, and then gradually cancel those that I never read or never read on time. I’m one of those freaks. I can’t start a new magazine until I’ve finished the last issue. Even if there is a really relevant article in there. ‘Cause, you know, the old issue might get its feelings hurt. (Toldja I was a freak.) So the weeklies were the first to go. I just couldn’t keep up with them. If they were news related, they went stale before I could get to them. (Entertainment Weekly was the exception — I always finished the issue before the next one came in because I AM the pop culture queen.)

Books? Gotta read them in the order I get them. Wanna know how bad it is? I had a book held for me at the library. Very much in demand. I finally got it. But I was reading another one. One that I didn’t have to return, by the way. So I didn’t start the one from the library until a couple of days before it was due. Couldn’t renew it because there was a wait list. Returned it after reading about a third of it. I am truly pathetic, huh? Stop looking at me like that. Stop it, I said.

So now I’m down to the newspaper and the internet, with the occasional book. But there are just so darn many blogs out there. Written by really interesting people who think like I do or teach me a different way to think. Today I even told myself that I wouldn’t click onto any new links because I just couldn’t add them to my list. But then some of my “regulars” weren’t updated, so what was a girl to do? Click away, and there I was, in the middle of some new stuff. New stuff that was good. New stuff that was really good. Then my regulars posted and I was all up in that as well.

And because I really try to work for my paycheck, most of my reading is done on my lunch hour, with the remainder done while I’m doing something like sitting on hold. (That total lie was for the benefit of any superiors that may come across this site.) The rest of my reading time is early morning and late at night. So I have to allot my time carefully.

So it’s a dilemma. A nice one, as dilemmas go. So I pose the question to you. What do you do? How do you manage your blog addictions?

I’ll be stacking my books and magazines in date order waiting to hear from you.