I’ve been a little distracted lately, what with work, responsibilities at home, and basketball. (You know, the things that matter.) And so I got a little behind on my current events. So I sat down at my computer Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and decided to catch up. The Drudge Report had a huge picture of some big-ass protest going on, and I was surprised. A few months ago the same thing had happened in France, seemingly out of the blue, and I never quite figured out what they were protesting. But that was in France. So I wondered what had happened this week to cause something like this. Read a little further and realized that it had to do with immigration laws going into effect. Serious business, of course, but it reminded me of a situation that happened here years ago. Much more comical.
Seems that a group of people had gone into a Shoney’s here to partake of the breakfast bar o’ death one Sunday. Problem is, or was back then, there weren’t a whole lot of places to feed a good hangover on Sunday mornings. So, as is the rule and not the exception, the place was packed. Long waits for tables, groups nudging past each other to assure themselves of a better place in line. Well, these folks had a bit of a wait. Then, once seated, they had to wait while the overworked servers tried their darndest to get clean silverware out to the guests. Just another Sunday in a football town.

By midday, there was a damned protest march.

Seems that the group that waited a little too long felt that they had been denied service. And in that group were a couple of Native Americans. It was immediately decided, by whom I am not sure, that the wait staff and management of the Shoney’s on College Drive were biased or prejudiced against Native Americans. A protest ensued. The march grew. Students from LSU, anxious to protest something, joined in. People came out of the woodwork. It’s gonna be big, man!!! Don’t let the man keep us down!

Except for one thing. No one in the crazed cacophony that was Shoney’s that morning had a clue that these guys were Native American. Or anything else. They were just another couple of folks experiencing bad service. Funnier still is the fact that there’s not a whole lot of anti-Native American sentiment around these parts. Like none. It just doesn’t happen. People of Native American descent meld right into the melting pot of Cajuns, whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and Creoles that make this such a unique area. In fact, when all was said and done, the poor guys who were the subject of the entire protest march were a little embarrassed by the whole thing. The poor manager of the Shoney’s, caught off guard when the news crews started shoving microphones into her face, cried on camera as she tried to explain that Shoney’s is pretty much an equal-opportunity offender when they are this crowded, and that she had no idea of the ancestry of anyone in that restaurant that morning.

No protest songs were written about that fateful day. The Reverend didn’t hop a plane and get down here straight away. The wannabes from LSU scuffled back to campus in their sandals and t-shirts. And everyone, including a couple of people of Native American descent, went back home, their lives forever changed.

Or something like that.