A few months ago, I posted a story about how I can do some really dumb things. Like put the remote in the fridge and then hide the fact that I did it from my family because, well, they think I do really dumb things. Certainly you all remember it. Right? Right??? Anyway. I have once again done something really, really dumb. And that wouldn’t be a story, really, given that we’ve been there done that (how long has it been since you heard that particular expression? Nanoseconds?). And too many posts about my dumb stuff would make you, well, think I’m dumb. And I wouldn’t like that much.

What sets this apart, actually, is how the dumbness grew exponentially. And how I’m off the hook.

See, I sat down one night after probably a little too much wine and decided to pay bills. And it appears (although you won’t catch me admitting it) that someone (work with me here, there are four people and two dogs in my household) put the checks in the wrong envelopes. Fortunately, I don’t write a lot of checks, as most of my bill paying is done online. But my daughter got in the car yesterday with an envelope from school. Inside it was a check that I wrote to my auto insurance company for my monthly payment. (Along with a very patronizing sticky note saying “Not For Extended Day”.) Which meant that not only had I done that, but I had also mailed a check payable to the school’s extended day program to the auto insurance people.

I was panicked because (1) I know that those payments go to some huge conglomerationous (try to spell-check THAT, Blogger!) payment center, and tracking my little check down would take more energy and brain power than I possess, (2) I just made a claim because that dumber-than-me-ho hit my car and my company would just looooooove to not pay my claim, and (3) that the folks that run my kids’ school would know I am dumb.

But here’s where it gets good. I called school (they laughed along with me, all the while probably shaking their heads and pitying my children) and told ’em they’d get their money. Then I called my local insurance agent. She looked it up, laughed (at me, I know she was laughing at me even though she tried to make it look like she was only laughing with me), and said that the payment had been posted. Nevermind that I only paid them $70, the amount of the school check. Nevermind that the damned check was made out to Our Lady of blah blah blah Extended Day Program. They posted the check and showed a balance due. They took the check. Their bank took the check. My bank cleared the check. WTF???? I go to the bank holding a check made out to me AND my hubby and they look at me like they just saw my picture on the wall at the post office.

So my dumbness is oh-so-trumped by the dumbness of the insurance company and their bank. And that lets me off the hook.

For now.