I‘m beginning to think it’s time to change my name. No, not my real one. My e-name. See, I started out as “Wordnerd” a couple of years ago, when I first started reading, and posting comments to, The WVSR. I was commenting on, or perhaps correcting, the misuse of affect and effect. In all fairness, it was more of a grrrr-pet peeve sort of thing. But the name stuck, and my friends at that site as well as others have good-naturedly invoked my “wisdom” from time to time. They have also been quick to catch me in those instances where I have failed to proofread or let “style” trump “grammatical correctness,” if you will. And I have always (a) acknowledged the gaffe or (b) ‘fessed up on my own. Except now it’s getting to the point where I can’t write anything without someone trying to “edit” me. And, as JK would say, I don’t like that much. See, this is an outlet for me. A place where I can be myself. There’s a reason why my family doesn’t even know I do this. Because I am free, for once, of any expectations people may have of me.
I know it’s really not fair to bring this up here, where everyone is wonderful. Most of the “correcting” is done when I post comments to other sites. Not just The WVSR. (I’m a very prolific commentor/commentator.) But I’m not going to post this at every haloscan site and comment page. I guess the real reason(s) I’m doing it here are (a) because I can, (b) to vent, and, most importantly, (c) because I don’t want anyone to have the wrong idea. I have never declared myself to be the be-all end-all grammar whiz. (I am, however, the be-all end-all pop culture/trivia whiz, but that’s another post.) I’m just here to have fun.

The “wordnerd” in me is really representative of my love of words. It represents my love affair with the written word. It’s the wide-eyed wonder I feel when I read something that someone has written that truly speaks to me. And, on occasion, it represents my utter contempt for the misuse of affect and effect, or the inability to correctly use it’s and its.

But it’s all in fun. And I hope I have never presented myself, or my writing, as anything more than that.