This morning started out with me wanting to be a little cranky, and I was really trying to avoid that, for the good of all mankind. But I fought it off, with the help of my favorite Jayhawks CD and two cups of black coffee. I have a handful of CD’s that do just the trick for me when I’m spiraling downward into that dark abyss. (There’s a question for you: do you have a particular pick-me-up CD?)
And then all kinds of good things started happening. Not really big, in the grand scheme, but good nonetheless.

First, my test results came back fine, other than a little anemia — well duh! But thanks for all the good thoughts you sent my way. That kind of stuff is always scary, and I am thankful to not be on the receiving end of bad news.

And, get this, I said NO when I was asked to coach my daughter’s volleyball team. Yep, I did. I just said no. And the winds didn’t suddenly begin swirling as the sky darkened or anything. Ain’t it great? I can say no without the damned apocalypse occurring.

Finally, the sun came out for the first time in several days, I realized that next week I have a holiday, a birthday, AND we finally find out if Mr. Cool got into THE school.

Wil sent me a link to a pretty cool quiz as well. I’ll share it with you while telling you that I will be reincarnated as a Lion, and that only 18% of people will come back as a higher life form than me. So I’m a good person. And you like me, you really freakin’ like my Norma Rae ass! And it’s true because the internet said so. Take the test and let me know what you’ll be.

And you can blame The Jayhawks for the happy post.