Busy, busy, BUSY lately. What is up with all this busy-ness? So much to do, y’all. Had a “holiday” from work yesterday and was even busier than a work day. Two doctors’ appointments in two days, and now awaiting some test results (keep your fingers crossed that they come out okay for me, will ya?), school stuff, work stuff, health stuff — you name it, I got it. Long weekend coming up with the Mardi Gras holiday (woo-hoo — gotta love this state, at least right now), so hopefully I can catch my breath.
Anyway. I hope to be writing something of substance in the near future…it just ain’t happenin’ right now. There are so many distractions at work these days — people in and out, Malibu Barbie getting louder with each telephone conversation, people popping in to gossip, more people popping in to gossip about the gossip…get the picture?

Someone once said that “we are swallowed up only when we are willing for it to happen.”

So this is about choices. About me not having to be totally involved in each activity, each event. About. Me. Saying. No.

So today I say “no.” To anything else someone asks of me.

Until I catch up.