It’s Friday. It’s going to get really cold here over the weekend. Hey. You northerners there. Stop laughing. It’s cold to ME, okay??? I said. Stop. Laughing.

Anyway. It’s getting cold. I have a cold. So I want to have a whole lot of fun in the comments section today without me actually having to get anyone going on anything. This is where you guys come in.

See, it’s like this. I have this sitemeter that tells me that I have WAY more readers than I have commentors. In the biz, you’re referred to as lurkers. But you knew that. You creep around, read my posts, and move on. Today is the day. I want everyone to delurk. I want to hear from you. Just a hello. Where you’re from. That kind of thing. Just today.

Technically, I think Delurkers Week may have been sometime in January. But you know those nauseating e-mails you get? The ones you get regularly, telling you it’s Girlfriends’ Week, or Friendship Day, or some other day, and you get them every single freakin’ day?

Let’s just chill, ‘kay?

Those of you who do post comments, thank you. You’re the guys who make sure I don’t have a ‘zero’ at the bottom of each day’s post. And you don’t know how much that helps my insecure little ego.

So come on. Be a sport. You only have to say ‘hi’. Please?

Because I sure don’t feel like writing today. Only reading.

And hey. I’m talkin’ to YOU.