Know what people really, really bug me? Entertainers. Not the ones that do their jobs. You know, to entertain? They are fine. They sing. They dance. They wet their pants. Oh, wait. Sorry. That was an old chant from junior high. But they do what they are PAID to do. And they leave everything else to the rest of us. Because we are better at it.
The ones that bug me are the ones that have to entertain AND promote an agenda. Now I’m not going to get into their individual agendas, for a number of reasons. Mainly because I promised, way back on September 30, when I started this thing, that I would not discuss politics or my kids to any great lengths, and I intend to stand by my promise. (Unlike Janeane Garofolo, who promised to crawl through broken glass and apologize . . . okay, okay, I’ll stop.)

But these “actorvists?” They just bug me. They jump onto a soapbox before they know anything about what they are talking about. Because it’s what everyone else is doing. Well, not everyone. But the people that “matter.”

I remember seeing a young starlet type, before the most recent presidential election, wearing a big-ass button for the screech owl candidate. I swear the guy had only just announced his intent to run for the nomination. A reporter, hoping for some great quote, asked her about her candidate, and the answer she gave was just short of moronic. She actually said that she knew nothing of the candidate, she just liked the button. And that’s just dumb. She’s in the public eye. Silly little voters that know nothing except what we tell them to know might have picked her candidate based on that appearance. And she didn’t even believe in him.

These people have the right to do what they want. They have the right to vote for who they believe to be the best person for the job. But as people in the public eye, they also have a responsibility to be fully informed. Because folks watch them.

And they listen, God forbid.