Well, it’s raining cats and dogs out there today. That should be a welcome sight, given that it’s been so dry that local officials enacted a burning ban so that we wouldn’t burn up what’s left of the state. Of course, the burning ban did nothing more than encourage the Bubbas to build an even bigger fire. In a state where the motto is usually “Hey, hold my beer and watch this!”, bans such as this one only encourage the locals to have even more fun. So we are no strangers to disaster here in Louisiana. As a matter of fact, we have them all: natural disasters, political disasters (hey, I did NOT vote for her, people), and, best of all, self-generated disasters.

But all of this has, really, very little to do with what I’m grumbling about today. As always, the bigger picture isn’t all that important when my life is affected by the little things. Forget how much we needed the rain — my daughter had a science fair project due today. And, of course, because she weighs all of about 55 pounds soaking wet, carries a backpack that weighs at least that much — I am not kidding, it’s that heavy — and she has to carry a huge 4′ x 4′ backboard into school, it rains. So what is it about rain coming when it’s least convenient? I can’t tell you how many times it has waited until it was time to load up the car for school for the bottom to fall out. I’ve sat in my office, staring out the window at the gorgeous day outside, and then watched the grandest thunderstorm erupt the minute it’s time to leave the office and pick up the kids from school.Back in the day (waaaaaaaaaay back), during my days at LSU, it never failed to rain the day the new semester began. This was prior to online registration — so you had to trudge all over a campus the size of a small village — and by the time you got your I.D. picture taken you were a disgusting, wet mess. From freshman orientation to my days in graduate school, it rained almost every single registration day.

And my poor nephew? He turned 16 and, as is the requirement of every teenaged boy (well, those that are able to crawl out from behind the seizure-inducing video games for a little while and venture, blinking and pale, into the real world), it was time to go to the DMV. But no. Poor guy — six days in a row. It rained incessantly. We’re talking ark-rain. Biblical proportions.

I don’t even have to tell you, coming from this land of confusion I call home, what the rain does to the average lousy driver. All bets are off on days like this — I just cross myself, close my eyes, and shoot into traffic. You know, that’s actually safer?

And so it goes. Miss Priss is spending her day toting around one thing that’s bigger than she is, one thing that’s heavier than she is, and trying to keep it all dry.

So if any of you have any connections with the gods of rain, tell them to let up for awhile.

A couple of post-scripts to today’s post: First, please keep Kurt and his family in your thoughts and prayers. They got some disturbing news and he’s asked that we keep them in mind. They’re on the way, Kurt! šŸ™‚ Second, please help me in welcoming rennratt to the blogging world. Many of you already know how great she is from her comments — she’s finally taken the leap into this fun little world of ours. Give her a read — you’ll be glad you did!