So sorry for leaving you guys hanging yesterday without another brilliantly worded, beautifully edited post. I hope that you all were able to reach deep within yourselves and find that happy place as you awaited my return. But you know, this work business? Well these people wanna work a sistah to death lately, and I don’t think I like that much.

But it’s Friday, and it’s a three-day weekend, so all is right with the world. Or is it? It’s not just any Friday, you know. It’s Friday the 13th. Now I’m not a superstitious person. Not really. It all depends. Black cats creep me out, but then cats tend to creep me out. But anyone who has had a kid or two knows nothing really bad happens if you open an umbrella in the house. Shattered mirrors, walking under ladders, all that stuff? Don’t bother me none. So why, oh why, on this Friday the 13th, which should be regarded as just another day by most educated folks, is there a payroll glitch resulting in my paycheck NOT having been direct-deposited into my account at midnight last night and now maybe won’t get there till the 17th?!?!?!?!?!? Quite frankly, people, this is just not funny. This is the difference in a long, boring weekend with nothing to do and shopping a la Sherri, or a long, fun weekend dropping cash at will. Well, kinda…if the truth be told, not exactly dropping cash at will, but you get the picture. And why Tuesday? Do we not have several hours until end-of-business today? Can somebody please find my money, thereby keeping my children’s faces off of one of those save-the-children infomercials?So is it coincidence, or is it superstition rearing its ugly head? Let’s see what else has happened. Woke up late, because Mr. Cool and I were up until midnight for the fourth straight night doing homework. And that’s not because he put anything off till the last minute. This is just normal. And this is 8th grade, folks. Woke up to an absolutely dreadful-sounding thunderstorm at 4:30 a.m., fell asleep at 5:30, only for the alarm to go off twenty minutes later. My head hurts. People are annoying me. How much of this can I blame on the date?

Please post any sympathy payments to my paypal account. Thank you and have a GREAT Friday.